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Molly Passes the Torch

By Mary Z. Smith

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
~Ben Williams

Dad passed away, leaving Mom alone. She traveled from her home in Florida to South Carolina to be with my brother's family the week before Christmas. While there, Molly, the family's Westie, adopted Mom. Wherever Mom seated herself, the furry white bundle of love made sure she was by her side. When Mom rested her head on the guestroom pillow at night, she'd find one of Molly's bones tucked under her pillow. Arriving at the breakfast table each morning, there was Molly's favorite pink sock resting on Mom's chair.
All too soon it was time to return to Florida. Mom was lonelier than ever.

My brother Dave called to check up on her. "Mom, you never did let us know what you really want for Christmas this year. Did you think of any ideas?"

"I guess what I'd like more than anything in the world is a little white Westie like Molly to love. I'd name her Kati with an 'i' at the end."

"We'll have to see what we can do."

Christmas arrived in sunny Florida with palm trees blowing on a warm breeze. Mom was cleaning up breakfast dishes when she heard the doorbell ring. She hurried to answer it. In walked my brother Dave and his wife Andrea carrying a miniature version of their dog Molly. Mom immediately buried her face in Kati's fur. My brother set to work assembling the puppy's crate. Andrea filled the doggy dishes with clean water and puppy food.

Later, as everyone was settling down for the night Mom noticed a familiar pink sock inside Kati's crate.

"Isn't that Molly's favorite sock?"

Dave rubbed his chin thoughtfully before answering.

"Funny thing about that sock... We were getting ready to leave the house for our trip here. Molly was sticking to Kati like glue. Andrea knelt down to give Molly a hug, explaining that we were bringing Kati to you. Suddenly, Molly raced off, disappearing upstairs. Seconds later she came barreling back into the kitchen. In her mouth was her favorite pink sock. She placed it directly in front of Kati as if to say, 'I took care of Grandma while she was here with us. It's your turn now, Girl! Take good care of Grandma. I'm passing the torch to you.'"

Kati's favorite toy has been the pink Christmas sock to this day... and Mom and her sidekick, Kati, are inseparable.

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