четверг, 26 января 2012 г.

The Parking Lot Mishap

I was late, as usual. A friend of mine had invited me to a spiritual conference, and I had been circling the parking lot for a good fifteen minutes. My mind was racing. Did the kids eat breakfast? Was my husband able to find the clothes I laid out for them? And, more importantly, would he have enough patience to look for a parking spot in this jungle of cars in order to meet me here with the kids later on?

Trying to go through the possible scenarios in my mind, I suddenly spotted a parking space. Since there was not much room, I decided to back up my giant minivan between the two white lines so the getaway would be easier after the conference had ended.
As I put my car into reverse and started driving backward, another car came out of nowhere and attempted to take my parking spot. I signaled to the driver that I was about to back up into the space, but she squeezed by me and parked her SUV in my spot! I couldn't believe her audacity! It made me so upset that I got out of my car and confronted the lady. By the way she was dressed, I could tell she was on her way to the conference.
I shouted at her, "That was not very angelic behavior!"
Much to my dismay, she completely ignored me, and I stormed off.
After a few minutes, I did find another parking space... behind a smelly dumpster and about a mile away from the conference (or so it seemed). Once I calmed myself down and tried to view the incident from a different angle, the possibility entered my mind that the woman may have needed the spot more than I did.
Later, I noticed she was actually one of the vendors at the conference. She must have been desperate to get there quickly in order to set up her booth and display her merchandise.

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