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My Rock Star

By Rebecca Thomas

True love stories never have endings.
~Richard Bach

Chad: the best acoustic guitar player I'll ever know, and the boy I fell hard for. Me: the shy girl he called Firefly. Who knew we'd fall in love this way? Who knew it'd all just crash and burn?

Chad was the funniest, most handsome boy I think I'll ever know in history. He had brown hair, he was tall, and he had eyes and a smile that could light up anyone's soul. He made the funniest faces, and he was always a comfort to have around. He was tall, and sometimes he could be too self-confident, but that's how you knew it was Chad. That was his trademark.

Chad and I met in sixth grade, thanks to our friend Seth. Going from elementary school to middle school as a shy girl was never easy, so of course I stuck to Seth. I don't think either one of us expected me to fall for his best friend. Seth was walking me home from school one day when Chad met up with us and we were introduced. We both said little to each other, but that smile of his caught me right then and there. From that day on, he walked home with us.

Eventually, my feelings for Chad grew. I never spoke up about my feelings until one day when Seth couldn't walk home with me, and Chad offered to walk me home himself. We walked in silence, and I was nervous about telling him what I had to say, but I just blurted out that I liked him. He had a girlfriend, so I knew nothing was going to come of it. He did admit that he liked me back, though.

The way that he spoke to me and treated me was just phenomenal. We'd spend hours on the phone together talking about life and nonsense. He'd give me piggyback rides and the best bear hugs ever. Soon after, we drifted apart a little, and I found myself a boyfriend, Chris. No one, including Chad, was very fond of my new boyfriend. He was controlling, he tried to fit in way too hard, and he just wasn't what my friends thought I deserved. Chad was still there, though. He told me constantly that he didn't like Chris, and I could kind of understand why.

After about nine months, I broke it off with Chris. I didn't leave Chris just because he was controlling, or because of my friends' opinions. I left Chris to win Chad's heart. And that's just what I did.

I was ending my seventh grade year, meaning Chad would be moving on to high school that coming fall. I was a little disappointed, but something unbelievable happened that summer. Chad and I couldn't really deny how we felt about each other anymore, so I asked him out to dinner with my family. We went out for Japanese to celebrate my sister's graduation from college. I had been toying with a ring on my finger I had gotten from my mom. I put it back on my finger, and then Chad asked to see it. Puzzled, I started to take off my ring until he told me he wanted to see my hand, not the ring. He grabbed my hand and held it under the table for the rest of the night, each of us eating dinner with only one hand. From then on, we were inseparable.

Chad and I kept our relationship a secret the whole time we went out. We'd kiss when our friends weren't looking, and when we were alone, it was magical. Chad and I would take long walks together, we'd dance under the moonlight and just hold each other, or he'd serenade me with songs on his guitar. He let me steal his clothes, so I took home two shirts and a sweater, just to feel like I had him near me all the time. He loved my hair, and he'd always take the ponytail out and run his fingers through it.

Chad took me to homecoming. He even went dress shopping with me, making me feel pretty while my brother was making mean-spirited jokes and comments about the dresses I tried on. I stormed out of the store, and Chad caught my arm, whispering to me how pretty I was.

After a while, Chad just drifted away and became a faint memory. My blisters that formed while I tried to learn guitar from him healed, and there were no more late-night phone calls or funny pictures. Everything faded.

Occasionally, I miss Chad. But even though I don't hear that guitar anymore, I still remember his smile and his eyes, and I know he's still my rock star.


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