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Timeless Love

Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love

BY: Cynthia Hamond
Love is not only some-thing you feel. It is something you do.
~David Wilkerson

My son-in-law, Chris, fiddled with his watch and tapped his finger on its glass until he had my daughter's attention. He had come to pick her up after a long day of work that had followed the short-sleep night of new parents and he was tired.

Hilary looked up from buckling their baby girl into her car seat and smiled at him.

Chris yawned and stretched his neck. He picked up Emily's car seat and waited for Hilary to make her rounds of hugs and thank yous to all the loved ones who had come to celebrate their baby and shower her with gifts. Chris and Hilary had been married just over a year and in that time he had mastered the fine art of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting....

But, after waiting for years to fall in love and start his family, this former confirmed bachelor counted these minutes of waiting among his blessings before finally waving goodbye and taking his wife and baby home.

I was happy for my daughter. Hilary had been through so much. Her first marriage had been painful and short, the happiness beginning to change just twenty minutes after leaving their large and elaborate wedding.

Hilary had worked hard to regain her confidence and equilibrium and then Chris came into her life and his love helped complete her healing.

My aunt and I were picking up after the shower when she said, "Cindy, I really like Chris, but I'm a little worried now."

That puzzled me. "What do you mean?"

"Didn't you see what he did when he got here? He no sooner came in the door then he was hurrying Hilary, pointing to his watch and tapping on it!"

"Yes, he does that a lot." I answered. "Isn't it sweet?"

That puzzled her until I explained.

Chris and Hilary were married in a small ceremony, with only their parents in attendance. After we had briefly rejoiced with them, Chris had scooped up his new bride and carried her off to his car. As they pulled out of the church parking lot and headed to his house to start their life together, he could feel Hilary tensing up. As they got farther from the church and closer to what would now be their home, her apprehension grew.

Chris reached over and took her hand. They drove like that for a few more minutes until his watch's alarm started beeping.

He dropped her hand and tapped on his watch. "Well, Hilary," he said, "we've been married twenty minutes and I still love you."

He smiled at her. Hilary slowly returned his smile and then teared up in her relief. Chris had given her the best wedding day gift of all, the reassurance of his kindness and love.

And these five years later, he continues to reassure her in their day to day life, through his love and care of their daughter and two-year-old son.

And when the words can not be spoken or the depth of his feelings can not be expressed, he gently taps on his watch, an intimate and personal reminder to Hilary of his timeless love.


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